May 28, 2023


Have you ever dreamed of having a trip with your campervan in winter? Regardless of just how cold and frosty winter in your local area is, a trip with a well-equipped and properly stocked van will be a great adventure for you. The vacation with the van in winter can be very creative, helps you get away from the crowds of tourists, and explore places you have never seen before. And this vacation will be rather cheap in comparison with the vacations that include still-inflated prices of hotels and airplanes. With a properly stocked motorhome you don’t even need to spend money in cafes and restaurants. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your first winter trip with the van.


At the very beginning, you need to decide whether your van is waterproof or not, and how it must be winterized. There is a difference between winterized vans and those vans that can be described as “winter-proof”. The winterized van can be heated to a room temperature of 20°C within two hours after it has cooled down to 0°C for at least ten hours. In addition, the difference in room temperature at five measuring points in the interior must not exceed 7°C. For a model to be described as “winter-proof”, it is cooled to minus 15°C in the test procedure and must then be able to be warmed back up to 20°C within four hours using onboard heating. In addition, the water system is also tested one hour after reheating. Of course, if you haven’t bought your van yet and are already planning your first winter vacation on the road, buy the winter-proof model.


Besides proper insulation of the van, think about different ways how to keep your van and yourself warm and comfy. Of course, the best option would be to buy a van with a floor heating system, but you can still isomats and lay them on the floor of the van. The other must-haves are the portable propane heater (it is the perfect alternative to onboard heating systems), special thermal “curtains” for vans, and hot water bottles (they are very cheap).

Special heated curtains are fitted between the driver’s cabin and the living area. They create different climate zones in the motorhome and prevent cold air from drawing into the vehicle from the front. In addition, it is worth covering the large front windshield with a coated thermal mat as well. Then think about proper clothing: thermal clothing, wool socks, hats, and sweaters. If you are going to go in for sports outdoors during your trip (and not just gamble on or sleep the whole trip), also remember to take functional sports clothing with you. And never forget about the power of layers. To make your sleep comfortable, bulk your bed with thermal blankets and fluffy pillows.

Besides the heating and having your camper winterized there are also some important things to remember, we have just made a list for those who do not want to forget anything:

1). Pack vent insulator pillows to keep warm air in and cold air out. 

2). Don’t forget to pack emergency items in your van, such as toiletries.

3). Check the campground schedule. Not all camping places are open in winter and some simply offer more than others – sauna or wellness, for example. So it goes without saying that particularly attractive destinations are booked up quickly. In this case, booking in advance simply protects you from disappointment.

4). Locate a small heater near your water pump.

5). If the weather in your destination area can become colder, take an engine block heater with you.

So, ready for your next winter trip with the van? 

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