May 28, 2023

Top 5 Habits That Will Make Thinking Flexible

There is an opinion that intelligence depends on genes. And that’s partly true. It’s also influenced by your education and what you do. It’s also cognitive habits and mental models – that is, how you work with information. Observe yourself. If you’re trying not to concentrate on the question and giving cliched answers on the fly, it’s time to change your habits. How? Here are some helpful tips.


When you take a task superficially, you’re more likely to produce formulaic or erroneous solutions. To be more accurate and productive, you need to focus, and even more importantly, you need to be able to do it quickly.

This is where practice will help: alternate between maximum focus and total relaxation, which means you don’t need to play at a South African online casino or chat with your friends while resting. For example, set a timer and do one task for 20 minutes without distraction, then stop and stare aimlessly out the window for a couple of minutes. So you learn to quickly switch from relaxation to extreme focus.

Take an Interest in Challenging Art

Even classical music or drama is difficult to take in without preparation. Avant-garde art violates all the rules at all, defies the patterns and pushes us out of our comfort zone. It may seem boring, irritating and outrageous, but it gives examples of an unfamiliar way of looking at familiar things and often triggers an inner dialogue that helps us make sense of things we have never thought about.

Respond to Anomalies and Weak Signals

Our consciousness wants to brush aside anything that encroaches on the familiar state. Make an effort, start noticing moments when something confuses or annoys you, analyze them, collect data. Here is a colleague talking about a new method in your field, and you have some vague feeling as if something is scratching. This is where to direct your attention. By learning to analyze even vague feelings, you will be able to recognize new trends at the earliest stages, and this is one of the properties of strong intelligence.

Go Through Dozens of Options When Looking for a Solution

All the “reasonable” options can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Then silly things pop into your head. This is how the mind fights against the fact that we burden it with hard work, and it isn’t easy to create new things. But the first ten choices are trivial solutions. To find something original, you have to go beyond the usual and come up with as many solutions as possible.

Regulate the Flow of Information

Its excess prevents you from concentrating and clogs the mind. Artificial intelligence, which is used by search engines and social networks, helps to regulate them. It analyzes our digital footprint and suggests what might interest us. But there is still a lot of information: days without gadgets, which ideally should be arranged every week, will help to relieve the mind.

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