Dropbox joins Bay Area companies to distribute $22M for COVID-19 crisis

Organizations responding to the crisis will receive funding from 25 firms, with an emphasis on COVID-19 funds administered by the United Nations Foundation, CDC Foundation, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The funding will help disadvantaged groups, organizations, small companies, and national and international public health response initiatives. Dropbox is pleased to partner with 24 more … Read more

Imperfect Foods raised $95M led by Norwest Venture Partners

imperfect foods 95m series 700m

Imperfect Foods, a business that is redefining sustainable grocery delivery, declares that it has obtained a commitment to support a $95MM Series D expansion investment. Insight Partners, who previously led the Series C investment 8 months ago, and Norwest Venture Partners will lead the Series D funding. Imperfect Foods experienced triple-digit growth in 2020 over … Read more